The Truth About CBD, Cannabidiol

The Truth about CBD – Not about Getting High

The Truth about CBD – Not about Getting High. Detractors of Florida medical marijuana like to loudly point out the fact that many forms of the supplement contain THC and get patients “high”, no matter that the pain relief offered by THC is sometimes the primary reason doctors recommend patients use marijuana. However, there’s a new option (actually, an old one that’s been rediscovered) that puts the lie to those seeking to denigrate medicinal marijuana as nothing more than legalized drug use. CBD, on cannabidiol, offers immense health benefits, and there’s no high included. CBD will actually contract the psychoactive properties of THC.

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How Does CBD Work?

CBD is the most common chemical in hemp plants – the variety grown for thousands of years all around the world for their fibers. They were used in making clothes, rope, sails and much more. Many strains of marijuana plants contained more CBD than THC, and even those grown for the purpose of smoking for recreation contained equal amounts of CBD and THC. That changed over time as governments cracked down and users demanded higher THC levels in their pot. CBD has been rediscovered though, thanks to ongoing research and study. It’s got some surprises for everyone, including those who think that medical marijuana is just about getting high.

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High-CBD plants contain little to no THC, and when extracted for use in capsules, tablets and other medical marijuana products, virtually all the THC is eliminated. This leaves patients with a powerful treatment that offers immense benefits to a range of health conditions without the high attached.

CBD has been proven to be effective for treating things like migraines and even tumors, but its use in treating kids with epilepsy is perhaps the most startling. If you’ve heard of Charlotte’s Web, you’ve heard of CBD. Charlotte suffered from seizures at a young age. She was treated with high-CBD medical marijuana at the age of five, and saw a significant reduction in the number of seizures. Since that time, many similar stories have cropped up, and CBD has become one of the most sought after treatments for children and even toddlers suffering from epilepsy and cancer. Families who have tried every other treatment with little to no success are finding that CBD gives their children a natural, safe treatment that actually works.

What Else Does CBD Treat?

While CBD’s use in treating childhood cancer and epilepsy might be its most visible success, there are plenty of other medical conditions and diseases that it can treat, all without getting patients high. Adult cancer patients have seen significant tumor reduction, and its use for patients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders has also made headlines because of its effectiveness. CBD can be used to treat migraines as well, providing pain relief without the hazy cloudy feeling of a marijuana high.

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In the end, CBD use is not about getting high. It’s about freeing patients from the clutches of deadly diseases. It’s about saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients of all ages. The recent passage of the Florida Medical Marijuana bill, Charlotte’s web low THC strain will begin to bring relief to those suffering from cancer and debilitating seizures. This is the beginning of an industry focused on healing and not profits.



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