CBD Facts Everyone Should Know

CBD Facts Everyone Should Know

CBD Facts Everyone Should Know. There are many CBD facts but there are some that we believe everybody should know about.

As you already know CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is one off many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

1. CBD comes from Nature

The most important CBD fact is that CBD or cannabidiol actually comes from nature. It’s a plant that nature created and has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.


The fact that it’s actually weed and it grossed perfectly without the slightest need of pesticides or any other additives.

So this just gives it that “100% from nature” label. And this is very important for everybody that’s into natural healing.

2. CBD is a key ingredient in Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plant has many different cannabinoids, but there are two which are the most important.


  1. One is CBD or cannabidiol 
  2. The other one is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Sure there are many other cannabinoids, but these two seem to have the most health benefits of them all.

3. CBD Will NOT Get You High

Everybody knows that THC taken in any form will get you high. Sky high or just a little high, unless you’re taking really a tiny, tiny bit you will feel the high.


Well CBD will not get you high. So rest assure when you decide to take any form off CBD it will not get you high.

But there is a BUT,… and If you’re going to be using CBD products in general, especially those that are “proper” CBD products so the CBD is made as a whole plant extract,… you do have to be aware of the but,… so continue reading below.

4. Cannabidiol Negates the Effects of Psychoactive THC

Not only that CBD will not get you high, it actually lowers the psychoactive effects of THC.

You might be asking “why is this relevant for me if I’m only interested in CBD which doesn’t get you high”, right?

Well there are actually a few aspects about that you should be aware off:

First of all CBD products which are proven to have the most health benefit are those were CBD was extracted from the whole plant. So were not talking about CBD isolate or (God forbid) synthetic CBD.

We’re talking about taking the flowers from cannabis plant which is high in CBD and very, very low in THC (sometimes these strains are referred to as Hemp or industrial cannabis) and extracting everything that the plant has to offer.

This will make for a cannabis extract that includes all the cannabinoids. So even though there are only traces of THC, there still THC present. So CBD will mitigate even the smallest effects that traces of THC in such an extract might have on you.

Second, your particular held issue might need a higher THC cannabis product. While that means you are bound to feel the effects of the THC. In this case CBD will help lower the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Thirdly you might be saying “well I don’t want to get high. So I don’t want any THC, I only want CBD” right?

You need to know that there have been numerous studies made showing that the whole plant extract works far better than any isolated compound by itself. This is actually called the entourage effect or synergistic effect that the cannabinoids have on our body, mind and soul.

These means that even though CBD products contain CBD extract that has been made out off flowers of cannabis planned it’s very, very low on THC, there’s still going to be THC present. So CBD is again going to make it so you don’t feel any psychoactive effects whatsoever.

5. CBD From Hemp is Legal

We have come to one of the most important CBD facts – its legality.

There’s a huge debate whether or not CBD is legal and we have a whole video interview with one of the attorneys at the biggest cannabis law firm in the country – The Hoban Law Group.


We have titled it: “Is CBD Legal? Current Cannabidiol Legal Status – Interview with a Lawyer”

Let me give you a short answer: YES

Now let me give you a slightly longer answer so you know exactly what’s going on.

There’s one cannabis plant, right. However you want to call it.

Then there are strains that are high in THC and then there are strains that are very low in THC.

Strains that are high in THC are a lot of times called marijuana, medical marijuana or medical cannabis.

Strains that are very low in THC or sometimes referred to having only traces amounts of THC are a lot of times called Hemp, industrial hemp or industrial cannabis. Some of these low THC strains have very high levels of CBD.

If we take cannabis plant strains that are considered Hemp and make an extract from the flowers we can get a very high CBD extract with all the other cannabinoids and only traces amounts of THC.

And that is legal in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries around the world.

Of course we always encourage our customers to get a professional legal advice about their local laws of the use and ordering of the CBD products and cannabis in general, our dear friend Rod Kight is an attorney that specifically deals with cannabis law and you are very welcome to contact him.

It’s very important for us to say that in the past three years not one of our customers had any legal issues with any of our products!

6. You Do Not Need a Prescription to buy CBD products

CBD products that contain only traces amount of the THC and are made from hemp are considered a dietary supplement so no prescription is needed.


However if you’re trying to get CBD products that have THC amounts of above 0.3% you are most likely going to do apply for the medical marijuana card and will need a prescription.

7. CBD has huge health benefits for Your Body and Mind

Decades ago it has been discovered that the Human body has something called the Endocannabinoid system.

It is said that we go through all the schooling without ever being introduced to one of the most important systems in our body – the Endocannabinoid system in charge of maintaining balance in our body.


It’s a vast network of receptors and cannabis-like chemicals that are produced by our own bodies (called Endo cannabinoids).

Scientists believe it’s the greatest neurotransmitter system in our body that seems to influence just about everything including:

  • immune system
  • pain perception
  • appetite
  • sleep
  • reproduction
  • mood
  • memory
  • our motor functions.

Sometimes this Endocannabinoid system in our bodies can become depleted and scientists believe this may contribute to a number of illnesses.

Research shows that taking CBD creates higher levels of our own endocannabinoids, helping the body to restore balance again.

Medical properties of CBD have been known to reduce:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • suppress seizures
  • combat psychosis
  • inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders
  • kill tumor and cancer cells
  • and aid in anti-anxiety and depression.

8. CBD will combat some forms of Cancer

Among all the CBD facts this one seems to be the most important.

Because it’s the most fatal.



If you’ve been exploring how cannabis can help you or your loved ones you’ve come across the general believe that to combat cancer you need a high THC cannabis product. And it’s usually taken in the form of cannabis oil, tincture or cannabis paste.

However since this whole movement started a few years ago with Mr. Rick Simpson rediscovering the extraction of the cannabis plant there has been quite a lot of people giving it a try.

But not everybody could get their hands on the THC rich cannabis extract. It was much easier for them to get a CBD rich cannabis extract with only traces amounts of THC and some people manage to get rid of their cancer entirely on CBD products along.

And we are talking from first-hand experience here. Ally’s grandma had breast cancer discovered 24 months ago and we have just heard back from her doctor that she is entirely cancer free.

Make no mistake, this is a very big news telling us that for some type of cancer you can get great results with CBD products.

This is great for two reasons:

  1. First of all it’s much, much easier to get CBD products.
  2. People that take THC products in the dosages that are recommended to treat cancer, they are usually knocked out for about a month before they adopted those high dosages. Taking CBD products is quite the opposite. Even though your calm and relaxed it doesn’t give you the slightest high. So you’re perfectly functionable and awake ready to continue your usual daily routine and work just the way you use to before.

9. CBD is proven to be the best Epilepsy and Seizures cure

The last of the CBD facts on this list is that cannabidiol has been proven to be the best epilepsy and seizure cure by far. Test have proven that even the synthetic version of CBD gives great results but of course where CBD really shines is as a whole plant extract. The success rate is unbelievable, somewhere between 80 and 90% in the terms off the frequency of the seizures as well as their intensity.

The results also show that it seems to work wonders with small kids. The changes can be seen immediately in most cases which is a fantastic news for anybody dealing with any form of epilepsy or seizures.






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