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CBD Dosing Personalized Medicine

CBD Dosing Cannabis therapeutics is personalized medicine. Dosed cannabis medicine is currently available in the form of concentrated oil extracts, infused sublingual sprays, capsules, edibles, and other products. Potent cannabis oil extracts have varying ratios of CBD and THC that are calibrated to suit the needs and sensitivities of each patient. For anxiety, depression, spasms, and pediatric seizure disorders, many patients initially find they […]

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correct cbd dosage

The Correct CBD Dosage

3 TIPS TO GETTING THE CORRECT CBD DOSAGE One of the biggest concerns with medical marijuana is getting the correct CBD dosage of healing cannabinoids. In most oils or dried flowers, it is almost impossible to determine the amount of active ingredient in each dose. Fortunately, Americans have another, more precise option: hemp CBD oil. […]

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